Employee Benefits and Discounts

SCRS Benefits Page –  Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) 401(k) plan information. 

“This would be great for any company considering a retirement plan.”-Scott S. Broaddus, CFP® AIF® | Partner | Virginia Asset Management

“Great plan that shops have been saving thousands of dollars by doing.”-Josh Kent, Director of TCRA

SCRS Healthcare

Lombard Equipment

“10-20% discount depending on package and equipment”

Southern A&I equip

Southern A&I Equipment

Southern A&I Equipment– Volume Based Discount

NCS/Single Source

All CCA Members 38% off 3M premium lines, 20% off SEM and 10% off the Private label Vietek Line.


25% off of services

CARS Cooperative

Your CCA Membership includes a CARS CONNECTION PLUS Membership in CARS

CONNECTION PLUS provides you access to more than 50 value added programs, products and services that includes CASH BACK REWARDS, Discounts and CARS Pricing. These programs are negotiated specifically to help increase the profitability of your businesses and provide cost-saving benefits to your employees as well.


View the SCRS Benefits Page for more information – Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) 401(k) plan information

Elite Body Shop Solutions

Elite Body Shop Solutions, LLC

Elite Body Shop Solutions, LLC– Discounts available for TCRA Members

25% Discount for Operations Monthly LIVE

One Hour FREE Strategy Session


We use a bundle system for discounts.

Products     Discount

2                   10%

3                   15%

4                   20%

5                   25%