The Tennessee Collision Repairers Association is a state-wide non-profit organization for professionals in the automotive collision/refinish industry.  Members are made up of specialists from all areas of the industry, including body shops, insurance companies, and suppliers.  This is a multi-billion dollar industry paid for by ordinary people who get in accidents.

Although the association is open only to industry professionals, and not to consumers,  the TCRA does pass along important benefits to consumers through the promotion of industry ethics, better technical procedures, and smarter business practices.

One of the main goals of the TCRA is to educate the consumer about the entire automotive repair process.  Since accidents occur frequently and can affect anyone at almost any time, it’s wise to be informed and to be prepared for the eventuality of an accident occurring to you or a family member.

Did you know?  Most accidents happen:

  • within 25 miles of home
  • in the months of August and October
  • on Saturdays
  • in the daylight
  • at intersections

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